How It Works

Schedule A Drop Off

Use the link below to schedule a convenient time to drop your items off at 285 Lee Hook Rd in Lee NH.

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View this quick video to get familiar with the process.

1) Schedule a Drop off Time

2) Come to 285 Lee Hook Rd in Lee around that time.

3) Take the lock out of a box.

4) Put your knives in a box.

5) Use the lock to lock your knives in the box.

6) When your items are sharp we'll coordinate a pickup time and I'll provide you a code to open the box.

7) Lock payment in the box when retrieving your items.

Schedule a Drop Off

Frequent Questions

How Long Does it Take?

The answer to this depends on many factors but it's best to plan on 3 days or so for me to get your items back to you. If you need a specific turnaround time please contact me to coordinate.

Transporting Knives Best Practices

Please consider wrapping your knives in a dish towel and folding the ends in so that your knives are well protected and cannot fall out.

What if my items don't fit in your boxes?

I have a bigger bin that we can use, please contact me to coordinate prior to your drop off time.

My boxes are 24" x 8" x 8"