Pricing for Sharpening Services

If you are looking for something and it's not listed please contact me.


Kitchen Knives: $1.50 per inch of blade not less than $5 per knife

Serrated Kitchen Knives: $1.50 per inch of blade

Carry knives: Starting at $20 per knife for scary sharp mirror finish



Fabric, kitchen, household and Industrial Scissors: $10 each

Beauty and Grooming Scissors: $20 each


Hair Clippers

Clipper Blades: $12 each


Yard Tools

Axes, Hatchets and mauls: $12 each

Pruners and Loppers: $12 each

Hedge Shears: $1 per inch of blade

Mower Blades: $14 each

Mulching Mower Blades: $14 each

Machete's: $1 per inch of blade

Shovels and Edgers: $10 and up



Chisels: ~$10 each  Depends on size and condition

Planer / Jointer Knives: $1.50 per inch of blade not less than $10 a knife



Chainsaws: $14 per chain

Chipper Knives: $1.50 per inch of blade 


*Additional charges may be applied to repair damage or due to special circumstances for a particular item.